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Welcome to the DPO Guided Learning Center Tutoring Scheduling System! To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. We highly recommend and encourage you to use your MSU email address when registering. Additionally, be sure to select 'YES' for all email preferences, in order to receive appointment confirmations and reminders.

Please note: Both in-person and virtual tutoring are currently being offered.

In-person tutoring sessions must take place on MSU campus. Virtual GLC tutoring sessions will be hosted online, via the GoBoard virtual tutoring platform. GoBoard is a free online tool that combines video conferencing with an interactive canvas, designed to help students collaborate one-on-one, and serve as a tool to facilitate tutoring sessions. Your assigned tutor will create a GoBoard, share the link, and you will be ready to begin! It’s easy and user-friendly!

What courses are offered?

  • MTH 103
  • MTH 114
  • MTH 116
  • MTH 132
  • MTH 133
  • MTH 234
  • MTH 235
  • BS 161
  • BS 162
  • CSE 231
  • CEM 141
  • CEM 151
  • CEM 251
  • PHY 183
  • PHY 231
  • PHY 232
  • STT 200
  • STT 201
  • STT 231
  • EC 201
  • EC 202
  • EC 301
  • EC 302
  • EC 420
  • ECE 201
  • ECE 202
  • ECE 230

Only GLC tutors and management staff can schedule repeating tutoring sessions. Students are only permitted to schedule one session at a time. If after your initial tutoring session, you would like to continue meeting with your tutor 1-2 times a week, every week, please ask your tutor to set-up a repeating appointment for you.

What type of support do tutors provide?

  • Recurring one-on-one academic support sessions
  • Guidance working through homework tasks
  • Assistance with developing strategies for understanding concepts and fundamental skills, relevant to course content
  • Exam preparation
  • Assess, teach, and encourage students throughout the learning process

Is there a cost?

No. The DPO Guided Learning Center offers one-on-one appointment-based tutoring to you at no cost.

Where can I find out more information on the DPO Guided Learning Center?

We invite you to visit our website for more information on GLC tutoring and other services:

Questions or concerns?

Please send an email to

Thank you for utilizing the Diversity Programs Office Guided Learning Center Tutoring Services!

-GLC Tutoring Team

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